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Sineia Silva

E-mail: - phone (+55-12) 9740.0189 - Skype -

My video presentation

Education: College Degree

Degree: Tourism Bachelor.
Specialization : MBA Strategic Management of People ( Modulo Faculty)
Termination: Set/2012.
Hotel Ponta do Pequeah - (12) 3896 1009
Start: May 2001 - End: June 2011 (10 years)
Title: Supervisory
Functions: bilingual receptionist, Sector Reservations (online, telephone or counter), check-in, check-out, check-list of apartments etc..

Ilha Flat Hotel
Start: January 2000
Position: Front Desk
Functions: Bilingual Receptionist, Sector Reservation, POS, etc. check-in/check-out.

Please request to see my FULL CV with photos and video presentation to ( please write my name on the subject )


I have worked on the nail technician, work in my country as a freelance manicure and pedicure and I have my own clients, like nails with style, I
have the certificate by fingers products I use porcelain fingers and acrylic nails and gel I love to French nail .
Key Skills
· Excellent nail technician and art nail.
· Typing and advanced computering skills;
· Strong motivational and leadership skills.
Career History
Freelance nail technician and designer fashion, Goiania, Go, Brazil 2005to2012
Designer Costumes
·September2007 to August2008 (1year).Carnival samba school hummingbird, fantasy wing Negro Conger, city Rio de Janeiro.
·December1999 to September 2000 .Costumes designer the Pure Brazilian, city Goiânia
· 2006 to 2008 Specialization and Reeducation Psychomotor. State University of Rio de Janeiro, UERJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Title: The importance of
psychomotor development of creativity in contemporary artistic processes
·1996 to 2000Graduated in Fashion Designer. Federal University of Goiás, UFG, Goiânia, Brazil.
· 1990 to 1995 Graduated in Arts Education (BA) in plastic arts. Federal University of Goiás, UFG, Goiânia, Brazil. Title: Painting Exhibition.
Education and Training

.2009 to 2010 Courses in Designer graphic .National Service Commercial Learning-DF SENAC/DF, Brasília, Brazil.
.2010to2011 Courses in nail Technician porcelain and gel, Technical Center Fing’rs,Goiânia- Go
.2011 .Workshop in Efficiency in the Preparation and Qualification for Cruise Ships,RH School of Tourism Goiânia-Go
.2011 Courses in eyebrow henna and designer henna ,GTM Cosmetics Distributor, Goiânia-Go
.Technical skills and competences: Corel Draw, Ilustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver.
.Mother Tongue: Portuguese
.Other Languages: English reading skills excellent, writing skills excellent, verbal skills level and French reading skills excellent, writing skills
excellent, verbal skills level.
.Additional Information: Prophylaxis Psychomotor Hospital, 2006 city Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Travelling, reading, arts, nail arts, computers and design
Documents and References
On request
Luciana Silva
Telephone:+ 55 62 9951-1897 - please call me for an interview ANYTIME !! 24 X 7
e-mail: ( please request to see my full CV with photos and reference letters )
Nationality: Brazilian


**Fullname: Aegean Work
User name: Aegean Work
Country: Greece
Hospitality Internships for Students from Hotel & Tourism schools in 4* and 5* Hotels in Greece. Applications are in progress.To apply for an Internship or check the Internships available for EU students!!


**I am looking for job in Hotels in Canada even internship would be fine with me.


**I have several skills in organization and Public Relations, wide experience in Five Stars Hotels in F&B Deparment (bar/room service/restaurant), good knowledges in foreign languages and easily adapt myself in different work environment.
I also have an outgoing character , respectful to rules, I really believe guest-connection is fondamental in Hospitality field.
Sure to offer a valid collaboration , I declare my self available to be relocated and for internal professional training, if offered.
For further informations you can rely to my resume here attached.
Best Regards

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