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Solar Cooker - Solar Oven - Solar Cooking

Cook your food without electricity, gas, fire…

Why Solar Cooking?

Some major advantages and benefits of solar cooking.

-First of all you may have realized that the energy from the sun is free.
-Second it uses none of our limited natural resources that are currently being used for other energy applications in our modern world... It is good for our environment.
-Third it can be a more healthy way of preparing our foods for consumption as opposed to gas, smoky open fire, microwave etc. because it uses the natural power of the sun's energy.
-And, best of all, it preserves more of the natural nutrients of the foods by cooking at slower and lower temperatures.

-Since solar ovens are used outdoors, unwanted heat will not cause temperature rises indoors as with conventional stoves, saving even more energy.
-It can also be a very enjoyable hobby or pastime, especially for those who love to cook.

Being able to solar cook is a great advantage in times of trouble, disasters, and power outages; ...consider it an important tool in your emergency preparedness supplies.
And one of the most important reasons for using solar cooking: it is giving people around the world a hand up; a vital instrument for a more comfortable, healthy and better way of life by giving them a feasible alternative to the costly, time consuming chore of cooking over and tending fires, as well as the dangerous and time consuming necessity of scavenging for cooking fuels in desolate and dangerous country sides distressed by famine, war and political turmoil.

Of Course, Solar cooking is just one choice in a multi-faceted field of alternatives and options that comprise the solar energy domain.

Site Overview and Guide

On this site you will find more information and details on the "solar power for cooking, initiatives" that currently are being employed in countries from Africa to Asia to South America and to India and beyond.

Here you will also find information about groups dedicated to solar cooking, and about the progress and status of solar cooking in the United States and the increased interest that the current economic situation is generating towards the use of alternative forms of energy in every day household use.

You can also find out other ways to personally take advantage of the abundant free energy from the Sun.

You can learn how to construct your own, fully functioning and effective, solar cooker using simple household materials.

You can learn which of the commercial brands of solar cookers is most practical, efficient, economic and the most readily available.You can also see videos of the leading commercial solar cookers at solar cooker videos

You can learn what foods are best and easiest to cook in a solar cooker and how to prepare many different recipes on a step by step basis.

You will also find photos of people using solar cookers around the world on a daily basis, illustrating the great benefits that these cookers have brought into their lives.

You will also see how it, and other green systems, can have a positive impact on our environment and our future quality of life.

And you can find people and organizations that offer instruction and hands on experience in solar cooking within your own state and community if you are interested in pursuing the art of solar cooking.
Does your Child have a need for a Science Project? How about using a solar cooker for demonstrating the principle of passive solar gain. They're sure to get a burst of energy out of this project.
Keep up to date with information... tips, ideas, happenings, recipes, techniques and more on our Solar Cooking B(log).
New: *Now you can share your own solar cooking experiences and knowledge with others on one of many site page submission forms throughout this site. For example you can share what your favorite solar cooker is.

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