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Thalori Traditional Village

Property type: Guest House
Contact: Popi Pantermaki
Address: Kapetaniana
City: Heraklion
Postalcode: 70016
Phone: +30 28930 41762
Fax: +30 28930 41762
Mobile: +30 6976994896
Daily prices Lowest: 45.00EUR Highest: 81.00EUR
Weekly prices Lowest: 315.00EUR Highest: 567.00EUR

The THALORI is a complex of fifteen traditional houses which were restored to reflect the particular style of vernacular architecture which was dominant in the host village of Kapetaniana in the very old days.

Kapetaniana is a small village perched at an altitude of 800 meters on the Asterousia range, west of the ΚOPHINAS peak. It commands a magnificent view of the Libyan Sea and combines in harmonious ways the wilderness of the mountain and the serenity and benefits of the sea.

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